In 2010, the Gyro Shack was founded by Gus Zaharioudakis in Boise, Idaho. Prior to opening, Gus spent time studying chefs in the Boise area in order to improve his culinary skills as well as to learn how to combine different flavors.

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Loving the food served at the The Gyro Shack and seeing the passion Gus has for the food he served, Doug Miller saw the potential in the The Gyro Shack. With its low investment startup costs, its simple and limited menu, the underdeveloped and underserved market segment, and most importantly, the high quality and great tasting product. Miller felt that The Gyro Shack was a business ripe for expansion. In April 2015, the “mom and pop” began its transition to a brand.

Today, The Gyro Shack has turned to franchising as a means of expanding their business while maintaining the strong reputation from which they are known.